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THE SISTERS OF MERCY OF THE HOLY CROSS in Mainalli Village, Karnataka, India, dedicate their days to helping those in need, regardless of race, caste, religion, class, sex, or age.  It is their belief that all humans are worthy of access to healthcare, education, economic opportunity and empowerment.  To this end they operate a number of programs through which we partner.  Founded in Menzingen, Switzerland by Fr. Theodosius Florentini in 1844, the congregation came to India with the first group of missionaries in 1906.  Ideals and mission are rooted in the spirit of the Gospel and the teachings of St. Francis.  The spirit of service characterizes their lives and work, as they affirm and empower those whom they serve–especially the poor.  As trained social workers they facilitate women’s cooperatives, as well as nutrition, tutoring, and boarding programs.  As registered nurses they run a convent dispensary, treating adults and children from Mainalli and the surrounding area for fevers, injuries, snakebites, childbirth, and many other health concerns requiring immediate attention.

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” Francis of Assisi

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