October 10, 2012
Dear Pash,
Greetings from fr. Arun Luis SJ. I am just sending you a few photos of the tailoring center inauguration in Agadi Lambani Thanda. It was inaugurated by the Zilla Panchayat President Mrs. Suma R Lambani.  Almost all the village elders participated in the Program.
There are 21 girls attending the tailoring classes regularly. The Zilla panchyat president has agreed to give 10 girls sewing machines as soon as they finish their training. The panchyat vice-president has agreed to give to the rest 10.  One has joined late. We have appointed Mrs. Padma as the teacher, who had worked in LVK earlier for 6 years.
Thank you for all the help and support.  Give our wishes to Nena, Linda, Bonnie, and the rest.
With good wishes and prayers, 
Fr. Arun Luis SJ   

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